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College Athletes...

Check out the SSB College Athlete Summer Mental Performance Program

Designed for current and incoming college athletes...all sports...all divisions...all grad years! 

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Want to take your performance to the next level?
You're in the right place!

Mental Performance Training is the difference maker! 

Add Coach Jones to your team as your Mental Performance Coach and start your journey to peak performance today!

Learn how you can perform Smarter Stronger and Better today!

Are you a high school athlete looking to play at the next level or a college athlete wanting to take your performance to the next level? 

Do you train hard and play hard but know you are leaving something on the table? 


Do you want to improve your focus, confidence and ability to perform under pressure?

It's time to train your mental game!

Losers have goals. Winners have systems!  

 Learn the systems champions use to get to the top and stay there!

Start building your mental performance skills today!


  • Empower yourself with both the WHY and the HOW to develop the mental skills of high-performing athletes

  • Develop tools that to increase self-control which leads to controlling performance

  • Develop consistency in thinking leading to consistency in results

  • Train the mind to deal with both success and failure – MENTAL TOUGHNESS

  • Strengthen confidence and self-image

  • Learn skills to better handle everyday life challenges (e.g., academic, social, happiness)

  • Improve self-efficacy

  • Expand comfort zones and overcome fears, anxiety and worry

  • Assess and build positive habits

  • Increase well-being and gratitude

  • Reduce overthinking and perfectionism

Topics Include:

  • What is mental training and why is it important for success

  • Understanding our brains and how our thoughts and innate tendencies affect our performance

  • Self-control, performance control and consistency

  • Championship mindset characteristics

  • Understanding controllables/uncontrollables and what we can influence

  • Visualization and how to use it for peak performance in sport and life

  • Breathing techniques, the benefits of proper and timely breathing and how to use our breath for peak performance

  • The importance of self-awareness, positive self -talk and a positive self-image and how to develop it

  • Identifying mental limitations and mind/body recognition

  • How to assess, change and develop positive habits

  • Understanding how gratitude and positive emotion effect performance

  • Stepping out of comfort zones and facing fears to drive success

  • Mastering the mental game – Belief in purpose, resilience, motivation, control, self-belief

  • Learning how to lead through developing a positive mindset


 College Athlete Summer Training

Join athletes from around the country and improve your performance with routines and habits of excellence aimed at improving your confidence and consistency!   Head back to campus at your peak!

        Individual Mental Training

Meet one-on-one with Coach Jones each week and take a deep dive into the tools of champions.  Change your game and unleash your ability to use your talent to its fullest by improving your mental game!

Small Group Mental Training

Up your game and work with other athletes in a small group setting to design your own mental performance system.  Take your game to the next level by controlling your focus and responses to everything that comes your way in competition!

5 Minute Mindset™

Add extra mental performance work throughout the season!  Keep positive routines, visualization, focus exercises, meditation, and breathing techniques a part of your weekly habits with 5 Minute Mindset™ work.   Let Coach Jones be your weekly accountability partner in your personal mental performance training!

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