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Performance Shredders!

Mindset Made Simple Tip #40 – Performance Shredders!

The word “shred” has many meanings. When I think of shred, I sometimes think of being “ripped.” My muscles are defined, my body fat is low…I, or should I be more specific and say, other people are getting shredded in the weight room.

A teenager on a skateboard who is shredding it also comes to mind (I have no idea what that really means, but I assume it is good!).

“Shred” also reminds me of all the things that are in my desk that need destroyed – old bills, bank statements, etc.

Then there is the thought of tearing things apart that are more substantial, including our relationships and our performance.

I was listening to my cousin Mark preach yesterday morning on a sermon series called “Shred It”. He started with a message about how we shred our relationships.

As I listened, my first thought was that this is exactly what we do to ourselves as we are trying to compete at our best. We tear ourselves up from the inside out!

Every good pastor has a 3-point message and his were these: We shred our relationships with our big mouths, our bad attitudes and our lack of compassion and forgiveness.


This is EXACTLY what we do to ourselves on a daily basis whether we are competing or just facing life as it comes. It’s like we are on a mission to shred our relationship WITH OURSELVES!!

We listen to our big mouths tell ourselves we are not good enough or that we will probably screw it up again.

We have a bad attitude. We allow our emotion to drive our attitude. If we aren’t perfect, we sulk, worry, get filled with anxiety and fear or we blame others.

We lack self- compassion and rarely forgive ourselves for mistakes. We make a habit of reliving them and allowing them to influence the next play or the next action, and sometimes worse, the next words out of our mouths!

We are master shredders! It’s like we are wired that way.

But how do we overcome our nature to perform our best?

The opposite of SHREDDING is BUILDING!

How do we use our big mouth, our attitude and our compassion to build instead of shred?

We need to remember that how we use all three of these things is a CHOICE!

1. Every word or thought in our big mouth/brain can be stopped, disputed or changed.

2. Our attitude is a choice. We can affect it by taking action instead of following our feelings. It is easier to control what we do than how we feel.

3. We can use our mistake ritual or our reset word to focus on the present and “forgive” our mistake that just happened…or at least be compassionate and allow ourselves the chance to perform in the moment without the mistake’s weight pulling us down.

If you have players who seem intent on shredding their performance or opportunities, or if you are a pro at it as well (like most of us are), maybe it’s time to take inventory of what shredding does to our mindset and performance and make the move to building the most important relationship you have – THE ONE WITH YOURSELF!

How can you use the 4Ps for Peak Performance to BUILD that relationship and improve your performance?

What can you do to be more PRESENT – to improve your focus on the here and now – to avoid living in those mistakes, in the past or the future, in worry, disappointment or fear?

How can you be more POSITIVE in your self-talk, your thoughts and your attitude? Can you become more aware of your tendencies, identify what sends you down that spiral and begin to move from an unproductive thought to an productive one?

How can you better follow your PROCESS or develop one? Can your routines provide comfort while preparing you to perform? Can you focus on the most important thing instead of the what ifs?

And finally, how can you better manage your POSTURE? No matter how good our competition is, we can always compete with them in the most important areas – in our body language, our effort and our attitude. How we carry ourselves sets the tone for how we manage these areas. What can you do to act big, look big and play big?

We are all well aware that our big mouths, our bad attitudes and our lack of compassion and forgiveness can take a toll and shred our relationships.

Unfortunately, we rarely think about OUR MOST IMPORANT RELATIONSHIP and how we are self-shredders!

The better we are to ourselves, the better we are for others…and the better we perform!

Take a quick inventory of your 4Ps – then make a plan for building that relationship and move closer to peak performance in competition and in life!

Here’s to building a SMARTER, STRONGER AND BETTER MINDSET on and off the field of play!

Have a great week!


P.S. Need help building a plan to help your team master the 4Ps of Peak Performance? Let me put a program together for you to help them grow their mental game. Give me a call at 234-206-0946 or send me an email at

Julie Jones

Certified Mental Performance & Mindset Coach

SSB Performance • 234-206-0946



Be strong and courageous. Joshua 1:9

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