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Leadership starts with "L" but it should start with "ME"! 

To be great leaders, we must first lead ourselves. 


By understanding our POWER TOOLS, we quickly become more aware of how we manage our behavior when things are going well and when pressure mounts. 

Our influence is never neutral, therefore our leadership starts with how we think, feel and act! 


Leadership is a skill.  Skills can be improved, but improvement takes knowledge, intention and attention.  Throughout this program, we will learn leadership tools that will help us become better leaders, better followers and better performers!  


Concequences Matrix

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Communication is the foundation of every great team, relationship and organization!  When thinking about how to give and receive feedback, check out this framework - the Consequences Matrix!  Even if you just use it mentally consider the consequences of how we give and receive feedback, it can help you decide your best plan of action. 


What if you don't offer feedback?  What are the short-term and long-term consequences for you and your team?  What happens if you do not accept feedback?  What are the consequences for you and your team in the short and long term? 


Our influence is NEVER neutral.  How we respond in situations influences what happens next.  YOU can always decide how to receive and give feedback. 


When receiving, how can you use it as DATA ONLY to help you improve?  Can you whittle it down to one grain of truth that will help you do what you need to do better?   Can you look at the WORDS and remember that no word ever spoken changes your ability to perform?  It is your RESPONSE-ABILITY that changes what happens to your performance and whether you are available, both mentally and physically to do your job!


You also get to decide on your tone, timing and tactical aspects of giving feedback.  Some things must just be when someone is going to get hit and they don't see it coming.  But in most cases, we have time where we can give feedback in a way that allows the receiver the best chance to accept it.  HOWEVER, you do not control how they choose to accept it, but you can leave every interaction feeling good about how you approached it!

Winners have systems.  This is a great system to use when you know you should do something, but need a nudge to do the right thing!

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