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2024 USA Softball Region 2
High Performance Program

Congratulations to the athletes selected to  attend the National Selection Event in

November 2024!


Allison Eicholtz

Brynnley Cole

Lalia Mejia

Lila Boilegh

Makenna Perry


Cadence Verba

Emma Sheidler

Gia Vrona

Kyndall Johnson

Lila Manfredonia

Lucy Reis

Mattingly Klein

Sienna Steinmetz


Aubrey Shaffer

Jayde Palmer

Jayden Davis

Whitney Davis

Zoey Abdullah


Azarriah Phillips

Brynnen Williams

Mackenzie Carr

Madison Schmitz

Quinn Loar


Emillia Andrews

Kayla Ferrell

Kylie Folkwein

Lily Palko

Logan Rumble

Maya Rowan

Congratulations to the athletes selected to participate in the

Region 2 HPP Program!


Alexis McKinstry

Amira Evans

Annabel Mikesell

Billie Merckle Hunt

Brianna Banner

Brooklyn Robles

Carmella Lewis

Chloe Sparks

Kendall Adams

Mila Hamley


Abigail McClellan

Bella Baumgart

Ella Oswalt

Emily Smith

Gianna LaMarco

Gianna Terlop

Gracelyn Schafer

Juliet White

Lyla Nagy

Madison Campbell

Sierra Taylor


Alexis Elza

Audra Handke

Ava Paradise

Avery Carson

D’Neya Dennis

Danica Trainer

Emelia Cavaliere

Emma Kalivas

Kailey Tomasch

Madison Moden

Nola Tracy

Rachael Dunmire

Shaylea Blackhurst

Shelby Novak


Alexandra Mould

Amiyaa Parr-Inman

Camila Taylor

Clara Granchi

Genevieve Fagan

Gracie Hoskin

Kennidie Rogers

Madeline Sperling

Madelyn Kevern

Rachel Whitehead

Sophia Sheidler


Addison Sims

Alea Hensley

Alyssa Shultz

Ashley Sykes

Mikaela Holp

Summer Bliss

HPP Mission & Benefits

1. Big-time exposure: Exposure to National Team coaches and Selection Committee members.

2. Quality instruction: Learn from USA Softballs' top coaches in your area.

3. Build relationships: Connect with current and former National Team athletes.

4. Compete: Gain the opportunity to train and play with the best local players in your age group.

5. Wear the USA: The opportunity to represent one's state area, region, or country in competition.

Region 2 Program Goals and Benefits!

  • Assist Region 2 athletes in earning a spot on the National Team in your age group.

  • Improve your physical skills through training with excellent instructors.

  • Build mental tools to use your talent and training to their fullest.

  • Get Region 2 athletes in front of college coaches through video and in-person training.

  • Assist in designing a recruiting plan that is right for you and your college softball goals.

Athlete Training Plan!
  • Provide monthly training/practices either in-person or virtually (during HS season)

    • March/April/May virtual

      • June – January in-person

      • Summer practices will be held in Ashland at Brookside West Park or Massarelli's Sports Coplex

      • Dates TBD – Summer practices/training will be held on Tuesdays

      • Winter practices/training (Nov/Dec) will be held on Friday evenings or Sunday mornings, depending on athlete and facility availability in Kent, Bolivar or Canton, Ohio

  • Provide mental training sessions virtually – March

  • Provide recruiting sessions virtually - April

  • Hold mock identifiers to help build familiarity, comfort and experience for upcoming USA events.

  • Host practices/discussions with college coaches providing instruction/information to help you improve your skills and help you understand the demands of college softball.

  • Provide support for you as you move toward your goals through our Region 2 HPP Coaching Staff

  • This program DOES NOT INCLUDE competition between regions

  • Region 2 programming is designed for skill and performance enhancement

Want to know more? 
Read on...


For more information on the High Performance Program, visit USA Softball HPP or email

About the USA Softball High Performance Program


According to, the USA SB HPP Program is The Pipeline to the Women’s National Team.  Identifiers (tryouts) will be held in each region to identify a pool of athletes to train, compete and represent USA Softball through domestic and international competition. This program focuses on providing an equal opportunity for players all around the country to show their talent while growing the game of softball in the United States and remaining inclusive to all who wish to participate and develop their skills.


Regional Identifiers are the first step in moving athletes through the USA Softball "pipeline".  Team USA players visit each region and serve as IDENTIFIERS, choosing an unspecified number of athletes to move through to the annual National Selection Event using a national standard they have developed to evaluate players.  The list of those chosen last year can be found HERE.   Participation in regional identifiers does not ensure an opportunity to "try-out" for the National Team for a player's age group.  Athletes for each National Team (15u, 17u, etc.) are selected by Team USA coaches at the National Selection Event.  This event DOES NOT include competition between regions.


Participation in the REGION 2 Identifier on February 11, 2025, at Kent State University's Field House is presented for athletes living in Ohio and West Virginia. However, athletes from any region can attend identifiers outside of their home regions.  Athletes outside of OH and WV are encouraged to participate in identifiers held by their home state's region to keep selection regional (see a regional map HERE).  Identifiers are held at different times of the year throughout the country based on each Region's program calendar.  


At this time, no other identifiers are listed at, but identifiers will be held in each region.  Check out THIS LIST of athletes chosen to attend this year's National Selection Event and find your region and its representatives!  If you see your region represented, we encourage you to wait to attend your home region's tryout.  If you do not live in Ohio or West Virginia, please contact for more information about your region's identifier dates and locations.  This will help you determine which identifier is best for you.   


After athletes participate in the Region 2 Identifier, one of three outcomes will occur.  1) They will receive a “Direct Invite” to participate in the National Selection Event and are automatically included in all Region 2 events as noted below. 2) They will receive an invite to participate in the Region 2 HPP Events (see below).  3) They will not receive a National or Regional Invite at this time.  Note: Invites are based on each player’s evaluation score as determined by the USA National Team Players serving as evaluators at the Region 2 Identifier, using the HPP Identifier national standard, and are not chosen by Region 2 volunteers/coaches


The Regional HPP events are monthly events managed by USA Softball Region 2 volunteers, led by former Division I coach, Julie Jones.  Region 2 HPP events focus on continued skill development, providing players and their families college recruiting information, introduction to mental performance training, mentoring, and preparing them for the next annual Regional Identifier.  Monthly events include, but are not limited to consisting skill skill-based practices, seminars, “mock” identifiers and specific identifier information and drills to prepare athletes for the National Event and next Regional Identifier.  There is a one-time fee of $100 to participate in Region 2 HPP that pays for a USA Softball practice shirt and facility rental fees and college coach compensation for participation in monthly events. Once an athlete accepts an invite to the Regional HPP events, she is encouraged to attend as many events as her schedule allows.  Attendance is not mandatory and athletes are encouraged to participate in other sports and remain committed to activities with their travel programs.

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