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Team Up with SSB Performance
for Smarter, Stronger, Better Mental PerformanceTraining Made Simple

At SSB Performance, we put your team first by designing mental performance training programs specific to your team's culture, needs and desired outcomes.  You focus on physical and technical training and leave the all-important, yet sometimes overlooked, mental training to us.  

Have your team meet with SSB Performance founder, Julie Jones online or in-person.  Plug our 5 Minute Mindset program into your team training or organization.  


Invite Coach Jones to present mental training, well-being, leadership or team-building tools at your next team meeting or conference.  Or, let SSB Performance train your staff to enhance your mental training program.  Team up with SSB Performance in whatever way best suits your program and move closer to the peak performance you seek.

SSB Performance specializes providing practical mental performance training for athletes and teams looking to increase their production in preparation and competition.  Whether you compete on the field, on the court, or in the boardroom, our mindset training tools will improve your team's performance. 


SMARTER Approach


Founded by Mental Performance Coach and former NCAA Division Softball coach, Julie Jones, SSB Performance provides SMART, simple and sustainable programs that can help manage complex performance and preparation problems to increase performance and well-being.  Sometimes simple is just SMARTER!  When it comes to training the mind, a simple approach can produce amazing results.




More than 200 studies of 300,000+ people show that peak performance begins with a positive mindset!  Consistent mental training builds STRONGER minds that produce more positive thinking and action, leading to better performance on the field and off!   From tools to help increase self-awareness, focus and confidence to building gratitude practices, performance routines and mindset hacks, teaming up with SSB Performance is your first step to building a STRONGER mindset for you and your athletes and staff.


BETTER Performance


Coaches and leaders are always looking for a way to get BETTER.  With over 25 years of experience leading NCAA Division I teams, Coach Jones, understands the daily demands of coaching and the challenge of balancing mental performance training with physical preparation, training and competition.  With these challenges in mind, Coach Jones develops training programs leading to BETTER performance to fit your program’s unique schedule.  Coach Jones’s extensive coaching experience and insight are paramount in the design of SSB programs that break down theory into real-life practical tools. 


Practical Programs


As a former collegiate head coach, Coach Jones has always understood the importance of mental training but, like so many other leaders, didn't always find the time to make it a priority.  Utilizing the experience of running practices, training athletes, leading a staff and peers, and preparing for competition, SSB Programs are built with a clear understanding of the everyday challenge to fit everything into the time we have with our teams.  Our programs can help you make mental training a manageable priority.


Ask champions what separates average and excellent, and they will tell you the difference is a mental edge!  SSB Performance can help you and your team by managing your mental performance program.  Save time, have a set plan, and make a commitment to up your game without extra work!   From in-practice training to group sessions and workshops for your athletes and staff, we will implement innovative solutions integrating a program that fits your schedule.  Our focus is always on building efficient and results-driven programs that will increase the well-being and performance of your team.


          Benefits, Topics and Tools


SSB Performance can take mental training off your "to do" list and build a program that will enhance the performance and the lives of everyone in your program with the tools and topics below!  

Benefits of SSB Performance Mental Performance Programs:

  • Empower athletes by helping them undertand the POWER MOVES of high-performing athletes

  • Empower your staff with tools for their own mental game and to support their athletes’ mental game growth

  • Develop tools that to increase self-control which leads to controlling performance

  • Develop consistency in thinking leading to consistency in behavior and results

  • Build systems to best deal with both success and failure 

  • Strengthen confidence, comfort consistency and and self-image

  • Learn skills to better handle everyday life challenges (e.g., academic, social, happiness)

  • Improve self-efficacy

  • Expand comfort zones and overcome fears, anxiety and worry

  • Assess and build positive routines and habits of excellence

  • Increase well-being and gratitude

  • Reduce overthinking and perfectionism

Topics Include:

  • What is mental training and why is it important for success

  • Understanding our brains and how our thoughts and innate tendencies affect our performance

  • Self-management, performance management and consistency

  • Championship mindset characteristics, choices and actions

  • Understanding controllables/uncontrollables and what we can influence

  • Mental rehearsal and how to use it for peak performance in sport and life

  • Breathing techniques, the benefits of proper and timely breathing and how to use our breath for peak performance

  • The importance of self-awareness, productive self -talk and a positive self-image and how to develop it

  • Identifying mental limitations and tendencies

  • How to assess, change and develop habits of excellence

  • Understanding how gratitude and positive emotion affect performance

  • Stepping out of comfort zones and facing fears to drive success

  • Learning how to lead through developing a positive mindset

Mental Training Tools:

  • Breathing Exercises                                        

  • Game Day Routines

  • Habit Building/Changing

  • Meditation

  • Mental Rehearsal

  • Focus/Attentional Training

  • Refocus Techniques

  • Pre-performance Routines

  • Practice & Game Day Goal Setting

  • Affirmations

  • Productive Self-Talk Training

  • Practice and Competition Journaling

  • Performance Optimization

  • Mental Toughness Assessments

  • Practice Ideas/Implementation

  • Mental Reps

  • Competition Preparation

  • Gratitude Practices

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