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USA Softball HPP Identifier

Join USA Softball of Ohio's High Performance Program and be evaluated by current Team USA players on January 21, 2023, at 4:00 pm at Kent State University.  

Do you have a dream to play on Team USA? 

This program is the pipeline for the National Team!   Don't miss your opportunity to be evaluated by CURRENT TEAM USA PLAYERS!  Join some of the best players in the country looking for opportunities to attend Junior National Team Tryouts (17 athletes from Ohio/WV were invited in 2022).  

REGISTER HERE for the January tryout!!!!

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  • The address for the KSU Field House is: 2227 Summit St, Kent, OH 44242

  • Registration will begin for all athletes at 4:00pm. 

    •  You will receive a T-shirt and number upon registration.  Please put your t-shirt and tag # on prior to warming up.

  • The identifier will end at 8pm.  Some athletes may be finished before that time, however. 

  • Once you are registered, you may begin warming up in designated areas. 

    • Pitchers will warm up to pitch later in the session.

  • All athletes will be evaluated in the following areas.

    • Fielding (the position you signed up for at registration time)

    • Throwing velocity

    • Front toss swings

    • Exit speed velocity

    • Running speed

    • Pitchers will be evaluated on all aspects with infielders and will then pitch to attending catchers during the 2nd half of the identifier

    • Athletes will move through evaluation stations from fielding à throwing à exit speed (off of a T) à agilities à running speed à front toss (rotation order TBD)

      • Pitchers will throw to catchers later in the session BUT will be evaluated in the above rotation as well!

  • You must wear indoor shoes for the tryout – tennis shoes are recommended since you will be running and doing activities on the track!

  • Bring water

  • Spectators will be asked to stay out of the areas where testing is begin done.  Please be cognizant of areas where players/evaluators are working


If for some reason you need to cancel your registration, please send an email to

HPP Mission & Benefits

The USA Softball High Performance Program (HPP) will identify a pool of athletes to train, compete and represent USA Softball through domestic and international competition. The program will focus on providing an equal opportunity for players to show their talent while growing the game of softball in the United States. Serving as a pipeline to the National Team, the program is inclusive to all that wish to participate and develop their skills.


1. Big-time exposure: Exposure to National Team coaches and Selection Committee members.

2. Quality instruction: Learn from USA Softballs' top coaches in your area.

3. Build relationships: Connect with current and former National Team athletes.

4. Compete: Gain the opportunity to train and play with the best local players in your age group.

5. Wear the USA: The opportunity to represent one's state area, region, or country in competition.

Register HERE!

Want More Information?

For more information on the High Performance Program, visit USA Softball HPP or email

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