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USA Softball Region 2
High Performance Program

Congratulations to the 28 athletes selected to the Region 2 program AND to attend the National Selection Event in

November 2023!


Amiyah Currie

Presley Gatlin

Mattingly Klein

Lila Manfredonia


Whitney Davis

D'Neya Dennis

Tommi Ewing

Anna Jane Jarzab

Emma Kalivas


Anniston Shelton


Leah Claugus

Clara Granchi

Azarriah Phillips

Madison Schmitz

Karina Shuster

Kaileigh Taylor

Sydney Walker


Madison Booth

Ella Girard

Olivia Masoner

Lily Palko

Harley Webb


Karlee Ford

Cali Legzdin

Sydnie Watts


Natalie Susa

Whitney Waddell

Congratulations to the athletes selected to participate in the Region 2 HPP Program!


Lila Boilegh

Selena Bottomlee

Madison Maritz

Lucy Reis

Gia Vrona



Avery Evans

Ella Harmon

Alivia Havanas

Jayde Palmer

Gianna Pezzuolo

Emily Pleva

Madison Proud

Danica Trainer


Renee Brown

Maddison Campbell

Mackenzie Carr

Abigail Herren

Brooklyn Marchette

Sylvia Mittendorf

Cheyenne Moore

Nadia Pagan

Ava Paradise

Olivia Powell

Teagan Quisenberry

Kennidie Rogers

Rachel Whitehead

Ava Williams


Kelly Batten

Elizabeth Gleghorn

Gianna Greathouse

Riley Gwinn

Sydney Lutz

Alyssa Shultz

Lilli Sutkowy

Mackenzie Walts

Emmaleigh Zagrodnichek


Morgan Bailey

Jayce Collins

Larken Koran

Andrea Mansbery

Program Goals and Benefits!

  • Assist Region 2 athletes in earning a spot on the National Team in your age group.

  • Improve your physical skills through training with excellent instructors.

  • Build mental tools to use your talent and training to their fullest.

  • Get Region 2 athletes in front of college coaches through video and in-person training.

  • Assist in designing a recruiting plan that is right for you and your college softball goals.

Athlete Training Plan!
  • Provide monthly training/practices either in-person or virtually (during HS season)

    • March/April/May virtual

      • June – January in-person

      • Summer practices will be held in Ashland at Brookside West Park

      • Dates TBD – summer practices/training will be held on Tuesdays

      • Winter practices/training (Nov/Dec) will be held on Friday evenings or Sunday mornings, depending on athlete and facility availability in Kent or Canton, Ohio

  • Provide mental training sessions virtually – March

  • Provide recruiting sessions virtually - April

  • Hold at least 2 mock identifiers with college coaches evaluating to help build familiarity, comfort and experience for upcoming USA events.

  • Host practices/discussions with college coaches providing instruction/information to help you improve your skills and help you understand the demands of college softball.

  • Provide support for you as you move toward your goals through our Region 2 HPP Coaching Staff

HPP Mission & Benefits

The USA Softball High Performance Program (HPP) will identify a pool of athletes to train, compete and represent USA Softball through domestic and international competition. The program will focus on providing an equal opportunity for players to show their talent while growing the game of softball in the United States. Serving as a pipeline to the National Team, the program is inclusive to all that wish to participate and develop their skills.


1. Big-time exposure: Exposure to National Team coaches and Selection Committee members.

2. Quality instruction: Learn from USA Softballs' top coaches in your area.

3. Build relationships: Connect with current and former National Team athletes.

4. Compete: Gain the opportunity to train and play with the best local players in your age group.

5. Wear the USA: The opportunity to represent one's state area, region, or country in competition.

Want More Information?

For more information on the High Performance Program, visit USA Softball HPP or email

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