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Team Training & Consulting

Team training sessions are offered as in-person or online workshops, all filled with practical tools that can be immediately implemented.  Sessions are designed to focus what your team needs to perform better today... and in the long run!

Teams of all types can benefit from a clear understanding of how the brain works and how our innate brain functions affect performance.  Our training programs begin with gaining an understanding of how our conscious and subconscious brain and the amazing, yet sometimes frustrating features of the mind affect our performance and well-being.  

Trainings focus on a superpower available to all of us - self-awareness - providing tools and practices that lead to peak performance.  High performers rank higher in self-awareness than average and below average performers and it is the key to producing positive results and it provides a firm foundation for a successful mental performance training regimen.

Team culture, personal responsibility, team accountability, well-being, happiness and performance can all be enhanced by becoming more self-aware and then making adjustments how we think, focus, react, talk, and in what we believe, what we control, how we make choices.

Training topics include self-talk, fear, anxiety, adversity, visualization,  routines, mistake rituals, emotional control, meditation, controlled breathing, confidence, goal setting, mental contrasting, habits, personal responsibility, team culture, gratitude, savoring, affirmations, reset words and lessons in personal and team leadership.

Keeping with our promise of Mindset Training Made Simple, we offer tools that can be added as a part of your daily or weekly practices or team meetings, including specific instructions on how and when to implement each tool.  Based on your needs, programs can also included weekly personal follow up with your team members to take you and your staff out of the daily work of implementing your program. 

If you are interested in learning more about how SSB Performance can move your team from knowing you need to spend more time on mental preparation to a full-fledged commitment to mental training, contact us today!

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Team Training & Consulting

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