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Welcome to SSB Performance. 
Whether you compete on the field, on the court or in the boardroom, our mental training tools will improve your team's performance.  Founded by former NCAA Division I coach, Julie Jones, SSB Performance specializes in making mental performance training simple.  We are glad you are here!  Learn more about our programs, join our mailing list and check out our blog below!

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Calling College Athletes!

Improve your performance this summer by training your mental game!

Join athletes from around the country in our 4-week

SSB College Athlete Summer Mental Performance Program!

Smarter Stronger Better

Team Training!

Take your performance to the next level!


Perform BETTER

Smarter Training

SSB Performance provides SMART, simple and sustainable programs to help with complex problems to increase performance and well-being.


Sometimes simple is SMART!  When it comes to training the mind, a simple approach can produce amazing results. 


Let us design a mindset training program made specifically for your program or business that can be easily integrated into your daily/weekly training.  Get started with your SMARTER approach to mindset training with us!

Sport Tactics
Heavy Weights

Stronger Mindset

More than 200 studies of 300,000+ people show that peak performance begins with a positive mindset!  Consistent mental training builds STRONGER minds that produce more positive thinking and action leading to better performance on the field and off!

From tools to help increase self-awareness, focus and confidence to building gratitude practices, performance routines and mindset hacks, teaming up with SSB Performance is your first step to building a STRONGER mindset for you and your athletes, employees or clients.

Better Performance

Coaches and leaders are always looking for a way to get BETTER.  With over 25 years of experience leading NCAA Division I teams, SSB Performance founder, Julie Jones, understands the daily demands of coaching and the challenge of balancing mental performance training with physical preparation and other demands.

With these challenges in mind, Coach Jones develops training programs leading to BETTER performance to fit your program or business's unique schedule.

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College softball coach Julie Jones

Julie Jones,
Certified Mental Performance & 
Mindset Coach 

As a former collegiate head coach, I have always understood the importance of mental training but didn't always find the time to make it a priority.  I have run practices, trained athletes, led staff and peers, and prepared for competition, just like you. I understand how difficult it is to fit everything into the time we have with our teams - so mental training sometimes takes a back seat to other training priorities. 


Ask champions what separates average and excellent and they will tell you the difference is a mental edge!  Let me help you and your team by managing your mental performance program.  Save time, have a set plan, make a commitment to up your game without extra work! 

My experience as a coach helps me design programs to fit your program and your time constraints.  From in-practice training to group sessions and workshops for your athletes and staff, together we will implement innovative solutions integrating a program that fits your schedule.  My focus is always on building efficient and results-driven programs that will increase the well-being and performance of your team.

Let me take mental training off your "to do" list and build a program that will enhance the performance and the lives of everyone in your program!

Former Division I Head Softball Coach 

Adjunct Faculty, University of Akron

& Ursuline College

Mental Training Programs

SSB Performance - Your  Team and Individual Training Partner

Call or email for custom program pricing!

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Team Training & Consulting

Athlete Training

The most important attribute a player must have is mental toughness. ~ Mia Hamm

Is your team mentally tough enough to reach its true potential? 

Do you feel like there is something missing even after flawlessly working through strategy and physical preparation? 

SSB Performance can help give your team the mental edge to increase performance and enhance the lives of your team members.

Add  Coach Jones to your team as your personal mental performance coach!

Build confidence and consistency as you learn to use use the mental side of the game to get a leg up on your competition.   Build habits and routines of excellence and learn systems to train your mental game to help you use your physical training and talent to their fullest!

Contact us to find out how our programs can provide you with the tools it needs to reach your peak performance in and out of competition!.

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Keynote Speaking

5 Minute Mindset™

Now you have no excuse! 

FIVE MINUTES - that's all you need! 


After laying the groundwork with positive performance strategies, let us create short and simple daily programs to make mental training a daily practice and habit for your team or organization. 


5 Minute Mindset programs build smarter, stronger and better mindsets with complex theory broken down and presented through simple tools and practice.

Click the tab below to learn more about implementing a the 5 Minute Mindset in your program.

Increase team performance, build a better culture, improve team dynamics, learn more about leadership, mindset quick tips to improve your life and learn more about how a positive mindset affects team and organizational culture and performance. 

A refined public speaker, Coach Jones has presented to Fortune 500s, small businesses, national conferences and teams of all kinds around the country.  Her energy and experience will provide a spark for your program or organization and get your team members thinking about how they can improve to increase performance.

Contact Coach Jones today for more information on how she can help energize your next team meeting.

Weekly Mindset Tips

Join the SSB Performance

Mindset Made Simple Tips Blog

Join thousands of coaches and leaders from around the country currently subscribed to our weekly Mindset Made Simple Tips.  Each week we offer tips and thoughts on building a more positive mindset and better performance.  Subscribe below or at the bottom of the page to have weekly tips sent directly to your inbox so you don't miss a thing!

What they are saying about SSB Performance


Christina Sutcliffe, Head Coach
Northern Illinois Softball

Julie has helped our team grow leaps and bounds in mental preparation and has been a game changer in increasing our peak performance. Her passion for elevating our athletes’ success comes out in every session. She is the missing piece to the puzzle and is a difference maker for our athletes not only on the field but in daily life.

I can’t imagine not using SSB Performance in our program!

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