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You're Going to Fail in 2023! Then What?

Mindset Made Simple Tip #128 –Watch or listen HERE.

Here we are. The year 2023. What are we going to do with it?

First, I hope you decide to implement a mental performance program as a part of your team or organization’s training and I would love to lead you in that endeavor! Whether you are defending or vying for a championship, trying to increase your bottom line or working to build the culture you desire, reach out. Let’s build something that fits your specific needs!

Why is this important for 2023? Because our mindset is EVERYTHING!

It affects the way we communicate. It affects our relationships. It affects our choices. And, of course, it affects our performance.

Thoughts become things and the more in tune we are with our thoughts, the better off we are in all these areas.

Your mindset will determine whether 2023 is a year in which you get better or bitter.

Your mindset will determine whether you stick to your New Year’s resolutions (and I hate to break it to you, but 80% of us won’t make it past the first 3 weeks of January!).

Come on! Even if you don’t believe in setting resolutions, you have thought of ways you want 2023 to be different than last year!

Because we often think about the changes we want to make at “new beginnings”, I was tempted to write this Tip about how to stick to your resolutions.

I changed my mind. Here is a message for you for 2023: YOU ARE GOING TO FAIL!

Welcome to the New Year! What a lovely way to start, right?!

Heck, 1/4 of us won’t make it through the week in our quest to start (or stop) something!

As Brandon Burchard says, in his book High-Performance Habits, “there are only two narratives in the human story: struggle and progress. And you can't have the latter without the former.”

If we want to get better, and we know we are going to fail, what now?

As Murphy’s thirteenth law says, “every solution breeds more problems.”

We try to do something new, something good, something that will help make us better. We put together a plan to get started. We start.

Then we stop.

The question is, will we “stop” for one day or will we allow a one-day hiccup to be a hard stop?

What will we do when we fall off the proverbial horse?

This may be the most important question to ask ourselves before we start a new habit…or try to end one that isn’t working for us!

Think about it, the best systems have a fail-safe that employs when something gets off track. Your car now breaks when you get too close to the guy in front of you. Your circuits trip when they are overloaded. Traffic lights blink red/yellow to help keep traffic under control when they fail.

These systems are set up to keep things from imploding when something doesn’t go as planned. They make the next move easier. They allow for recovery!

No rear-end accident. No fire. No multi-car crash at the intersection.

It all comes back to our ability to assess what is in front of us and RESPOND.

Our success, whether it is in sticking to our resolutions, learning something new or working to get better at something we do daily, is dependent on our ability to RESPOND!

Someone asked me what I do as a mental coach and I boiled it down to this. I help people RESPOND better and that is my simple goal for this year… I am going to spend 2023 helping others, including myself, RESPOND BETTER!

We work in a continuous cycle of APPROACH --> ACTION --> RESULTS --> RESPONSE.

Our response is vital in setting up the next approach…it dictates what we will do next.

What is our FAIL-SAFE when your actions fail? There is no reason to quit after missing one day of following a diet or workout plan.

To be our best, we need to look forward to what we want…and to what can go wrong.

We need to get a very clear vision of what success…and failure…look like. Visualize it. Watch yourself do what you want to do. Then watch yourself miss a day, screw something up or feel disappointed.

Then watch yourself do what you want again…as if you stuck to your plan all along.

Remember, it’s not the one day you missed that matters. It’s the momentum you build each day in either doing what you want or building excuses for not doing it.

Who cares if you miss a day?

Do it the next time you get a chance.

Remember what your doctor says when you miss your medicine. Take it when you think about it OR skip the day and take it the next time it is scheduled.

You’re probably no worse for wear.

I don’t write in my gratitude journal every night. If I do it 85% of the time, I call that success. If I miss my morning workout (like I did today), I plan the rest of my week to make up for it.

It’s not perfect. But perfection isn’t necessary.

Striving for perfection makes for a dissatisfied and disrupted mind that keeps us from moving forward.

Building new habits, making positive changes and getting better aren’t about being perfect. It’s about stacking one small choice, one small movement and one small improvement on another.

One day off or setback isn’t going to tear it all down.

Even so, you need a plan (or some simple grace) to get back on the horse.

Decide how you will respond before you get there. You’ll get back on track sooner…and you’ll feel better about it, too!

Manage the moments…and your responses!


P.S. Start the New Year off right with a Mental Performance session to get your team’s mindset ready for the challenges of 2023. Reach out to set up a 45-minute team session today! Contact me at or call/text 234-206-0946.

Julie Jones

Mental Performance Coach

SSB Performance • 234-206-0946

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