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Our PPE...or PPPP!

Mindset Made Simple Tip #28 - PPE or PPPP for performance! (Jan. 25, 2021)

We have heard a TON of late about PPE and how it protects us. According to science, it is our best bet for staying healthy!

I am going to throw in some more Ps (minus the E) and talk about how 4 other Ps are our best bet for peak performance (lots of Ps going around here)!

The 4 PsPRESENT, POSITIVE, PROCESS, POSTURE - are the difference between success and failure.

Instead of the Ps protecting us – to perform well, WE MUST PROTECT THEM!

If (or when) we turn into our time-traveling self and begin to think of the past or future.

If (or when) we allow our negativity bias or limiting beliefs sneak take over our thoughts.

If (or when) we begin to focus on results or outcomes.

And, if (or when) we walk around like the sky is falling...


I am sure I am telling your something you already know, but it is important to share with our teams that this SHIFT is a CHOICE…and it must be PRACTICED!

This is a conscious switch. A DELIBERATE MINDSET SHIFT!

This is where our SELF-AWARENESS superpower comes in!

The sooner we realize we have shifted away from the PRESENT, being POSITIVE, focusing on the PROCESS and when our POSTURE tells a negative story, the sooner we can get back to the task at hand!

You see/hear examples of all these situations daily at practice!

Heck, we do all of the above ourselves!

How do we SHIFT when we become aware that we are not protecting the 4 Ps?

There are a lot of options and as my long-time assistant used to tell our kids “your generation needs options 😊.”

Find and PRACTICE using a RESET WORD… ask yourself a QUESTION…PINCH the side of your leg like I used to do when I was looking ahead or behind in our games.

Whatever it is, whatever fits your personality, find something that brings you back to NOW…THIS PITCH, THIS PLAY, THIS MOMENT…

…for these are the only things we can truly control, change, affect!

So, help your team make a plan – individually and/or as a group.

What will you do when one or all of the 4 Ps get lost?

Will you focus on your breath? Will you focus on a spot on the scoreboard? Will you sing a song?

Will you ask yourself what your next move is?

Whatever it is, it must get you back TO THE NOW, so you are ready for WHAT COMES NEXT!

If I can serve as an outside voice to help you set your team up to PROTECT the 4 Ps or help you by taking planning for your mental game off your plate, call or email me anytime! I would love to help!

Hoping all of you work to protect your 4 Ps, too! We all know that how we handle them makes a huge difference for us and our team!

Have a wonderful week!


Julie Jones

Certified Mental Performance & Mindset Coach

SSB Performance • 234-206-0946



Be strong and courageous. Joshua 1:9

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