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The Importance of Perspective!

Mindset Made Simple Tip #42 – The Importance of Perspective!

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Confidence or competitiveness? Do or die? Obstacle or opportunity? Adversity or Advantage? Lose or learn?

I could write 100 more dichotomies and they are all the same in the end!

They all depend on our PERSPECTIVE!

I was listening to a podcast that featured Zach Brandon, Mental Coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks and he said something that caught my attention and needs to be repeated.

He said, “our perspective is the only thing that can change the outcome without changing the facts.”

Facts are facts (no matter what anyone says anymore 😊).

It is what it is.

How we look at it makes the difference. The facts and outcome don’t change after the event, but how we ingest the experience changes its meaning and how we think, feel and act from that moment on.

You hit a line shot and the centerfielder comes out of nowhere and makes a diving catch.

It’s an out. The stats tell you it’s a failure.

But you followed your process. You picked a good pitch. You put a good swing on it. And you proved to your teammates that the pitcher can be drilled.

You had a positive contribution at bat.

You nailed your presentation. The leadership team wants to purchase your service and sees the value of your product. But immediately after the sales call, the big boss tells your contact that the money from that budget line was being redistributed.

No sale! You failed to secure a customer.

You prepared. You followed your process. You kept control of your emotions and you convinced a group of people that you were the right choice to help them reach their goals.

You refined your presentation and have potential partners once things turn around for the company or when these individuals move around to other organizations.

How we look at what happens makes all the difference on how we proceed in the future!

Are we a failure or are we building momentum and awareness as we look ahead to our next opportunity?

How we answer this question makes a HUGE difference on whether we get better or bitter!

As we approach the end of another academic year, a lot of evaluating is about to take place.

How we look at the events that have happened over the past season/year in practice, competition and in the classroom…or even over the past 5 minutes…will make a difference on whether we finish strong or roll over.

It will also make a difference on how we commit to improving between now and the next time we get to compete, whether that is this weekend, next fall or next spring season.

We can help our players and those we lead to choose a perspective that provides a positive narrative and a positive reaction by providing opportunities for them to look for the bright spots.

I have a 5 Minute Mindset® program that I use with teams and clients to help them make mental training a scheduled part of their week outside of practice.

This week I have asked one of my teams and a few of my athletes to fill out THIS simple sheet each day this week and asked them to look for BRIGHT SPOTS or evidence of improvement or good stuff. What are you grateful for today? What is something you are looking forward to? Write down something that is going or went well. How have you improved?

If we can get our athletes to look for the good in things, we become more apt to look for the good in all things 😊!

This means we can start to look for the good in the tough stuff, too!

*I went 0 – 3 but had positive contribution at bats or quality at bats.

*I broke free and got a shot off and it challenged their defense and showed us something for the next offensive possession.

*We were flawless in our presentation and the rest is up to them.

*I struggled on a test, but now understand the concept and will be able to apply the information to successfully complete our next project.

Changing our perspective does not mean we settle for subpar results. It means we find ways to make the best of what has happened and then expect more.

Positive emotion (or a positive perspective) is one of the biggest predictors of peak performance.

WE ALWAYS GET TO CHOOSE how we THINK and REACT. And our mind is always with us, so we can practice any time we want.

We can practice when we are sitting in a traffic jam.

We can practice when we are starting and feeling pressure to perform.

We can practice when we are sitting on the bench.

Our perspective can change anything/everything because it influences the way we react to the next thing!

EVERYTHING that happens to us (or because of us) can be used to our advantage if we choose.

It all comes down to our perspective and focus.

Sometimes we all need a nudge toward a positive narrative…a GET TO instead of a GOT TO!

How can you shift your perspective today? Remember, it is the only thing that can change the outcome without changing the facts!

Have a great week!


P.S. Thinking about implementing a more intentional Mental Performance program for next year? I can build one for you that fits your schedule and budget! Let’s set up a time to talk about how we can build your team’s mental toughness. Give me a call or text at 234-206-0946 or send me an email at

P.S.S. If you missed the “change your perspective” worksheet, you cand find it HERE.

Julie Jones

Certified Mental Performance & Mindset Coach

SSB Performance • 234-206-0946



Be strong and courageous. Joshua 1:9

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