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It’s Been a Year!

Time has stood still...and passed so quickly...and we continue to fight with the pandemic and its disruption, disappointment and death.

On March 16, 2021, the US had seen around 70 deaths. Only one year later, we climb ever-closer to 550,000!

Like so many others, our family is part of that unbelievable number. We lost my mom’s older brother and younger sister to this horrible virus. It is still hard to believe, but it is very real!

One thing we learn as we move through life is that life is not fair. We all face pain.

But we can also find incredible joy...if we are looking for it! So much of life is how we look at it and then what we decide to do!

As we look back over this difficult year, where did you find joy? Was it in your time at home (I loved every minute of it!). Was it taking long walks because there was nothing else to do?

To add to our review of this year, what things did you START that you want to CONTINUE as life picks up it’s pace again to improve your life, increase your joy and improve your performance?

What things do you need to START to keep your momentum...or kick start it?

Since we know it wasn’t all sunshine and butterflies over the past 12 months, what do you need to STOP to reach your peak as we emerge from our bubbles?

Anniversaries are a great time to reflect on the past and plan for the future and this is a great time to make a list of your STOPS, STARTS and CONTINUES!

To STOP that undesirable COVID habit, make it a little harder to do or plan to replace it with something more productive. Put the milk away before you pour that 2nd bowl of cereal, Julie! 😉

To START the next thing to move you closer to your goal, make it a little easier! Sleep in your workout clothes. Move the fruit to the front of the fridge!

To CONTINUE that new good habit or thing that makes you happy - celebrate every time you do it! This helps rewire that brain and increases the likelihood of you actually continuing!

This little exercise may be even more important for our athletes. They have missed out on so much and stress levels have risen to unprecedented levels. But they, too, have learned and started good stuff that will help them continue to grow. I am also certain they have picked up a few things that can be put out the door with COVID!

Thinking about the little things, seeing progress, becoming aware of what needs changed and having a plan gives us hope and direction - things we all need to ride out this storm!

As we inventory our pandemic year, I challenge you to search for the good, keep the stuff that makes you better, get going in the thing that will propel you forward and make a plan to deal with or eliminate the other stuff one small piece a a time!

It isn’t over yet, but there is light!

Praying for good health and healing for all of those who have suffered and good stuff for you!



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