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The Ultimate Reset!

Mindset Made Simple Tip #38 – The Ultimate Reset!

He is Risen! These words were spoken all over the world yesterday and embody the ULTIMATE RESET!

I hope you enjoyed a Happy Easter, Happy Passover or are looking forward to a Ramadan Mubarak.

So, the story that I know well goes like this. Christ died a brutal death on a Friday and rose on a Sunday. This Good New story reminds me of the importance of a TOTAL RESET!

That Sunday the world RESET. No more daily sacrifice. No more death for sin. Grace won!

Although none of us have that type of power, we do have power over our own minds and lives to RESET!

Whether you believe this story or not, stick with me on how important RESETS are!

A RESET is a conscious decision to move from a negative thought to a productive thought. This can happen at any time…in any place…in any situation..

Our thoughts turn into emotions. Our emotions influence our actions. Our actions affect our performance. Our performance impacts our results.

This direct correlation between thoughts and results should get our attention!

How we think matters!

Being able to change our thoughts – or RESET – is imperative for peak performance.

I don’t care if you are swinging a bat, giving a speech, selling a product, recruiting an athlete or asking someone out on a date, how we think will affect what we do and how we do it!

To get better results we need better thoughts. To get better thoughts, we need to identify those that are not productive - those Automatic Negative Thoughts or ANTs.

We need to stop the doubts that pop up that have no basis in reality.

We must acknowledge our limiting beliefs and then dispute them.

We need to show ourselves some grace and let it win!

However, we may not have time to do all of this thinking in the moment. Therefore, we need a tool to move us from negative thoughts and emotion to positive thoughts and emotion.

Positive emotion is one of the biggest predictors of peak performance!

Here is where the RESET comes in!

Ask your players (or try this yourself) to write down a few great plays, games, experiences related to their sport. Have them describe them in detail – emotions included. See if they can find running themes or words that encapsulate these performances. They can pull a word from these experiences – a word that ties them to this emotion and these feelings of success.

This can serve as a REST WORD.

Maybe it is POWER or BE GREAT. It can be anything that resonates.


When I head down that road, I need to TURN THE PAGE and move on.

My road has a lot less competition involved than it used to, but just because I am not on the field 6 – 8 games a week anymore does not mean I don’t need a mental reset OFTEN!

A team I work with has one of the best hitters in the conference in their lineup. When asked what was working for her, she stated that she uses her RESET WORD about 17 – 20 times a day.

She is now QUICKLY noticing when she is going down that slippery slope. When her attention is being taken away by thoughts of doubt, thoughts related to outcome or flat out self-defeating garbage she can RESET and change her thought process which changes her results! (She's hitting .403!)

It seems so simple, but it takes practice and focus.

We can’t expect to use this RESET tool if we don’t plan for it, practice it and even visualize it before we get to the places we need it.

The more we work our word – or it could be the vision of a face, a place, your dog 😊 – the more likely we are to use it and the more likely it does its job when the pressure is on.

Remember, we don’t rise to the occasion, we fall back on our habits. If we have a habit of RESETTING when those pesky doubts, limiting beliefs and ANTs show up, the quicker we can get back to the work at hand and the better our performance.

Take a few minutes today to think about your great performances or the things that bring you joy. Capture them in a work or image. Think about the thoughts and situations that hold you back, those times you are negative and sell yourself short.

Then throw that positive emotion in there and RESET that moment. We know that momentum is built one moment at a time. If we are aware and can turn a bad moment into a good one, we are on the right track.

Will it always work? No! Particularly if you don’t practice or don’t have a plan.

Can it change everything? Yes! If you commit to it and train yourself to be aware and look for the bright spots!

The ULTIMATE RESET changed everything! And GRACE WON!

Now it is time for us to learn to RESET by showing ourselves some GRACE!

Let it win. In the end, you’ll win more!

Have a wonderful and joy filled week!


P.S. If your team needs a reset, I can help. Shoot me an email or send me text at 234-206-0946.

Certified Mental Performance & Mindset Coach

SSB Performance • 234-206-0946



Be strong and courageous. Joshua 1:9


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